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Memolub® Visio EP


  • MEMOLUB® Visio EP is a refillable autonomous single & multi-point lubrication system
  • New illuminated Memo MLED for automatic lubricator monitoring
  • 24V external or via PLC
  • Its 25 bar ejection pressure allows the use of multi-point distributor blocks with 2 to 8 outlets
  • Remote installation up to 8 m


MEMOLUB® Visio EP is the perfect product for applications that do not operate 24 hours a day or in the presence of a PLC.

It incorporates various light signals that indicate the operating status of the automatic lubricator thanks to the new Memo MLED.

Integrated touch pad.

Pre-programmed settings from 1 week to 24 months (0.3 to 57.6 cm3 per day) thanks to a rotary encoder. (See technical data table) and the option of control by PLC for tailor-made lubrication.

Thanks to its 25 bar power, it can be installed remotely at a distance of up to 8 metres and allows the lubrication of 8 points.

Capacity of 120 cm3 -240 cm3 – 480 cm3

Why Memolub® Visio EP

  • The Memo MLED ensures the correct operation of the automatic lubricator thanks to various warning lights (see warning light table, “technical data” tab). If necessary, it displays the following information at regular intervals:
    • Correct operation
    • Battery problem
    • Mechanical problem
    • Cartridges empty
    • Abnormal environment
  • A touch pad is built in to make it easier to control the automatic lubricator at any time without handling.
  • Its external power supply allows the machine operation to be synchronised with the lubrication automation. When the machine is running, lubrication takes place. When the machine stops, lubrication stops. It can also be directly controlled by a PLC.
  • Its 25 bar power and the fact that it can use a multi-point distributor block makes it a model that can be used for any type of application.
  • The lubrication interval is programmed when the system is installed and then remains permanently on the lubrication point. This means that maintenance staff no longer have to take care of the settings, which simplifies organisation. Setting the memo is very simple and quick (see table of basic settings, “technical data” tab).
  • The only consumables that need to be replaced are the polymer cartridges and a set of batteries.
  • Reusable, its impact on the environment is very limited.
  • Ideal for all types of industrial applications: bearings, open gears, chains, rollers.



Technical datas

Cartridge capacity Standard : 120 cm3 / Méga : 240 cm3 / Giga : 480 cm3
Dimensions Standard : 138 x 101 mm / Mega : 171 x 101 mm / Giga : 250 x 101 mm
Battery Pack 4,5 V Alkaline
Operating temperature -10° C à +50°C
Direct connection 1/4 inch R


Accessories References Specifications
Splitter Memo Kit lubricates 2 outlets 1503 Splitter Memo 2 outlets (lubricant), Splitter Memo Bracket, 2 straight fittings G1/8 2 elbow fittings G1/8
4S Distributor Kit 1505 Répartilube, 2 straight fittings G1/8 per outlet
6S Distributor Kit 1506 Répartilube, 2 straight fittings G1/8 per outlet
8S Distributor Kit 1507 Répartilube, 2 straight fittings G1/8 per outlet
Protection cover 480 cm3 2212 Splash and dust protection 480 cm3

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