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MEMOLUB® Oil R-500

MEMOLUB® Oil R-500

MEMOLUB® Oil R-500

  • MEMOLUB® Oil R-500 is an accessory for use with oil.
  • Refillable by the customer
  • Can be used on all our models


MEMOLUB® Oil R-500 is the solution for all your oil applications.
It has a capacity of 500 cm3.
Can be used with all types of oil (including Polyglycol)
It is infinitely refillable and reusable.
Can be used with oil (viscosity: ISO VG 22 to 4000)

Why Memolub® Oil R-500

  • The simplest solution for all applications where an oil is required. This system is mainly used for chain lubrication.
  • It does not require a cartridge.
  • Being infinitely refillable and reusable, its impact on the environment is very limited.


Technical datas

Dimensions 193 x 101mm


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