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  • MEMOLUB® EM is a single point autonomous refillable lubricator
  • Its ejection pressure of 10 Bar opens a wide new range of application not accessible with conventional lubricators
  • Remotely installed, it can be used up to two meters from the lube point


MEMOLUB® EM is the perfect solution for a regular micro-lubrication.

Its 120 cm3 content and 0.15 or 0.30 cm3 daily output makes it the ideal lubricator for application requiring little daily lubricant quantities.

Setting 12 or 24 months (see technical data’s).

With its 10 bar pressure, it can be remotely installed up to 2 meters at 0°C -Certified ATEX – EX zone 22.

New generation automatic single point lubricator. Its patented technology insures a precise regular and reliable lubrication.

3 to 4 times more powerful, it is the uncontested replacement of conventional gas lubricators. Ideal for small bearings, electric motors, conveyors, ventilators and pumps.

Most economic lubricator on the market. The only replaceable consumables are plastic recyclable refills and set of batteries.

Refillable with limited impact to the environment.


Technical datas

Cartridge capacity 120 cm3
Dimensions 115 x 101 mm
Battery Pack 4,5 V Alkaline
Temperature exposure range -10° C à +50°C
Direct connection 1/4 inch R


Accessories References Specifications
Protection Cover 120-240 cm3 2211 Protection against water and dust 120 and 240 cm3

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