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A Waste Water Treatment Facility

Land: Souht-East United States

Händler: PLI Inc


A municipality in the Southeast United States operates four large water treatment facilities. Each of these facilities employs several dozen disc aerators in their oxidation ditches.


The bearings on these disc aerators need constant lubrication to ensure smooth, low-energy operation and there are just too many lube points for the maintenance crew to keep up with the demand. This customer had previously tried Lubesite lubricators directly mounted to the bearings, but it was found that if they lubricated at all, it wasn’t consistent nor at the volume the customer expected. It became just as much work to monitor the lubricators as it was to lubricate the bearings manually.


In response to a promotion we launched online, the plant manager called and inquired about the MEMOLUB® ONE. We started them off with two MEMOLUB® ONE lubricators which they tested for 3 months. Pleased with the results they order a dozen more right away for other areas in the facility.

Once they were able to establish a track record of success with the MEMOLUB® ONE, they expressed an interest in upgrading to the HPS model to take advantage of multi- pointing.



Automotive / Aeronautic

Chemical / Plastic

Environment / Energy

Food / Pharmaceutical

Mining / quarries



Breaker / Grinder / Vibrating screen


Machine tools

Mobile machine

Packaging machine

Water treatment facility



Linear guidance

Slide bearing

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